A News Article About me - Mr Noakhali ( Akash Goswami )

 Credit : Issuewire Akash Goswami known as Mr Noakhali is emerging as one of the best influencer, artist, actor & entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He is a proud entrepreneur who started working at the age of 16 When people at his age were indulging in typical teenage things, he was making the most use of his potential and working hard day and night to become what he is today. Sacrificing his teens for a bright future has worked in his favor and today he is the man behind promoting well-known brands and entrepreneurs on social media with his marketing skills. Akash Goswami known As Mr Noakhali   The young influencer is now managing a lot of international brands and clients. When asked about how success happened to him, Mr Noakhali said, “One must sacrifice his/her leisure time and work hard to be able to reap the benefits later. Give 5 years of your time now and hustle as much as you can because I believe this is the time that will help you immensely to establish yourself. With having a